Wonder Woman Wrap KAL – Day One!

Since I am not sure if we have many newbie knitters in the group, I figured I would post some tutorials to help out in case any one gets stuck.

First things first, let me show you how I do long tail cast-on to save my yarn for actual knitting.

I grab the outside and inside of my yarn cake and tie them together in a slip knot and place it on my right needle. Then I start casting on the 157 stitches called for in the pattern.
Wonder Woman KAL Shawl

Once you cast on the 157 stitches (not including the slip knot stitches), I cut the yarn coming from the center of my yarn cake . I do this so I don’t have to try and guesstimate/premeasure where my slipknot needs to be for casting on. This way I have less yarn waste.Wonder Woman KAL Shawl

When I change directions and work Row 1 of the pattern, I just drop the slip knot stitches at the end. I usually just keep the slip knot there until I weave in the ends on my project. At that point you just pull the ends to release the slip knot and weave in your loose ends.

Wonder Woman KAL Shawl

Hopefully, this will help you off to a great start on this KAL! If you have any special tips or tricks that you plan to use please share them in the comments or in our Ravelry group!

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